agriturismo baglio antico
Segesta - Km 10
agriturismo a segesta
Segesta : it dates back to three centuries ago and it has had a major role in Sicily's ancient history. Segesta (EGESTA) was the most important city of the Elimi; we know very little about them but we do know that their territory extended in the North Western part of sicily. Today you can admire the famous Greek theatre where performances are held every summer and the magnificent temple which still stands in all of its' splendour.
Erice - Km 12
agriturismo erice
Erice : its' myth and archaeology blend together as a testimony of ancient peoples and their civilizations. It is situated on the summit of mt. San Giuliano from which there is a splendid panoramic view of Trapani. You can visit over sixty churches, among them are: San Martino, San Cataldo, San Giuliano, San Giovanni Battista. Every summer there is a musical festival dedicated to the music of the middle ages and the Renaissance period. The Cordici museum is a must; in its entrance-hall you can admire the Annunciation of Antonello Gagini; its is situated in piazza Umberto I. Erice is also famous for the "Ettore Majorana" scientific research centre. Erice has maintained the aspect of a Medieval town. There are many typical handicraft shops such as: finely decorated ceramics, colourful hand-made carpets, you can enjoy the traditional al mond sweets and the candied fruit.
Castellammare del Golfo - Scopello - Km 30
agriturismo a scopello castellammare del golfo
Castellammare del Golfo : It stands at the feet of mt. Inici. The wide Golf from which the town takes its name extends from Capo all the way to the tip of San Vito. In these past years it has become a very popular attraction thanks to its beautiful part. Scopello : it is perhops the most suggestive and the most picturescue place of the entire Golf. This small village originated towards the end of the 18 th century around the "baglio" which had been an Arabic hamlet. Below you can observe the stupendous stacks rising from the sea; the village is protected by a watch-tower; you can visit the tuna-plant from 1200 and active up until a few years ago, its "baglio", and the store houses.
Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro - Km 32
agriturismo nella riserva dello zingaro

Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro : 11,620 hectares of the most fascinating landscapes of Sicily, it stretches from the Southern part of the Tyrrhenian sea to the western side of Castellammare del Golfo. It was instituted as the first natural reserve of Sicily on May 6 th 1981. The coust is over seven km long and it is one of the few unsplait pieces of lond of the Island. The mountains seen to rise from the sea and throughout them there are various walking paths that lend you to wonderful panoramic landscapes.

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San Vito lo Capo - Km 40
agriturismo a san vito lo capo
San Vito lo Capo : Its' economy was originally based on agriculture and fishery. Today it has become one of the most important summer resorts of Sicily, thanks to the beauty of its' coast and its' crystal clear waters. Its' origins go back to the end of the 18 th century around the area of Erice, at the slabs of mt Monaco, in the white sandy bay between the two tips of Cape S.Vito and Punta Solanto around the ancient Sanctuary of St. Vito.
Trapani - Km 16
agriturismo trapani
Trapani : It is the chief town of the province and it has about 70.000 in habitants.
It stretches out along the sea on a promontory in the shape of a scythe; which can be seen on the coat of arms of the city, the Greeks called it "Drepanon". It prospered in the 18 th and 19 th centuries thanks to the industries of fish cannery and its' shipyards. Nowadays, it is still a mayor part and an important commerce centre; among these are the marble industry, wine production and the salt and tuna industries. The procession of the misteri (mysteries) held on Holy Friday is the most important manifestations.
The following are worthwhile visiting: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Via Garibaldi, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the Cathedral, Torre di Ligny, Viale Regina Elena, St. Agostino, St. Maria del Gesù, Palazzo della Giudecca, Sanctuary dell'Annunziata, the Pepoli Museum and Salt Pons with the wind-mills.
Isole Egadi (Favignana Marettimo - Levanzo) - Km 18
escurzione a favignana
THE EGADI ISLANDS: FAVIGNANA, LEVANZO E MARETTIMO can be perceived from Trapani. They can be reached within a few minutes from the part of Trapani and yet once you set there you seen to be in a for off incontamined place of rare beauty.
Favignana is dpminated by mt. St. Caterina.Every year in May the ancient rite of tuna fishery takes place.Here you can admire the elegance of the Florio Palace in the "liberty style". Levanzo is apposite the western coast of Favignana. In the grotto "Genovese" you can observe Neolithic paintings which date back to 5000 years ago. Marettimo is nine miles off the west coast of Favignana, it is the furthest out and the wildest of the three islands. Its' grottos and its' mountain pathways make the visitor feel all in one with nature.
Alcamo - Km 40
escursioni ad Alcamo
Alcamo : Alcamo is rich in monuments and works of art. It stands opposite the Golf of Castellammare. From mt. Bonifato all the way to the sea, you can admire its' lovely hills with vineyards. It is the homeland of Cielo D'Alcamo (the author of Contrast of Love, the first literary work that was written in Italalian). It was known as Manzil Al Qamah under Arab Rule. In th 12 th. Century it was protected by the fortresses of Bonifato and Calatubo. In Alcamo you can appreciate the Bianco D.O.C. wine which is one of the most famous Sicilian wines and others which have been produced in the lost few years.
Monreale - Km 70
escursioni a monreale
Monreale : It stands on mt. Caputo and can be seen from the "Conca of Palermo" and the Oreto River Valley. It has about 27.000 inhabitants. From Palermo it can be reached from Corso Calatafimi. The city dates back to the early part of the Middle ages. It is one of the "Jewels" of the Italian artistic patrimony. Islamic, Byzantine and Romanesque styles come together as one. The Norman Dome, with its' Sicilian-Venetian mosaics and the Benedictine cloister are a must. Nearby you can visit San Martino Delle Scale with the Benedictine Abby, mt. Jato, wich is between S. Cipirrello and San Giuseppe Jato.
Palermo - Km 80
escursioni a palermo
Palermo : It's the chief town of the province and the region of Sicily. It's on the western part of the Island, on the Tyrrhenian sea and it has about 690.000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea and it is rich in history. The Phoenicians landed there in the VIII century. The following must be seen: the Palazzo Reale o dei Normanni, the Cappella Palatina, Porta Nuova, the Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti, The Palazzo Arcivescovile, the Museo Diocesano, The Cathedral Church, Piazza Bologni, the Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria, the Chiesa Barocca di Santa Caterina.
Selinunte - Km 60
escursioni a selinunte
Selinunte : It stands about 30 metres above sea level. It takes its' name from SELINON, a wild parsley. It was founded by colonies of Megara Hyblaea in the VII century B.C. Selinunte pied to found colonies in westwrn Sicily (Eraclea Minoa). It fought many battles with Segesta and was defeated by the Cartagenians in 409. Later it was ruled by the Punics who fortified and rebuilt it. Its' archaeological remains are a Punic and Greek mixture. In the X or XI century it was destroyed by an earthquake. In the second part of the XVI century it was rediscovered by the historian Tommaso Fazello. In 1823 the English began archaeological excavations.
Mazara del Vallo 90
escursione a Mazara del vallo
Mazara del Vallo : It is the seat of the biggest fishing fleet in the Mediterranean. It stands on the mouth of the Mazzaro River along the western coast of Sicily between Cape Boeo and Cape San Marco. The church of San Nicolò Regale and the Norman Castle date back to the XI to the XVIII centuries. The Church of Santa Veneranda and Sant'Ignazio and Piazza della Repubblica are all from the Baroque period.
Strada del Vino ERICE DOC

A trip among the best wines of Trapani :

Strada del Vino BIANCO ALCAMO

A trip among the best wines of Alcamo DOC.

Le vie del SALE

Here, you can visit the most ancient salt pans of the world.





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